Wool Carpets Making a Comeback

//Wool Carpets Making a Comeback

Wool Carpets Making a Comeback

So with wool carpets making a big comeback into the market we have put a list of benefits together as to why this is such a good choice.

  • Wool is known for its durability and resilience and comes from renewable sources.  The natural wool fibres will last longer than synthetic alternatives and will resists stains and dirt much better too.
  • Wool carpets are extremely hard wearing which makes them ideal for high traffic areas of your home.
  • I bet you didn’t know that wool carpets are also fireproof, so any accidents in the home with open fires, candles or matches will prevent your home from going up in flames.  Wool is known for its self extinguishing qualities.  This is the very reason why wool is used for aircrafts and casinos.
  • We all know that when we have that new carpet in the home, we lay out strict rules about no shoes, eating or drinking any where near it,  well for the first week anyway.  The good thing about wool carpets is that any spillages that are cleared up immediately will always come out.  Dried stains tend to be a little more difficult to remove, but with a little perseverance they will be removed too.
  • Coloured wool carpets always look more vibrant and rich and don’t fade, which is a great bonus for your home
  • Although woollen carpets tend to be more expensive initially, you will find that you will save money in the long run due to their durability and long lasting qualities
  • This can’t be true, but seems to be a fact, that wool carpets are warm and snug in the winter but cool in the Summer.  Thats a win win for anybody.

If you are looking for wool carpets in Redditch or Bromsgrove then please give Croft Carpets a call and we can supply samples and a free quote