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There is something so welcoming about the feel, look, and texture of real wood and we can offer you a wide range which will suit all tastes and locations.

You can choose from wooden floors from all over the world including: ash, oak, maple and walnut. These are available in a selection of finishes including: distressed, bevelled, brushed, lacquered and oiled and also many widths and styles – including parquet.

Solid wood flooring is available either unfinished or pre-finished. There are three main types: strip, plank, and parquet. Most are factory pre-finished with either a lacquer or oil. Unfinished flooring must be sanded and finished after installation. Solid wood flooring is usually installed by secret nailing or is fully adhered to the sub floor and it has good acoustic properties and can be sanded and re-finished when necessary.

Engineered flooring is constructed from several layers that are adhered together with a hardwood finish layer on top. This cross-ply construction method ensures that natural seasonal movement is kept to a minimum. It also gives stability which allows the floor to be installed as a floating floor directly onto concrete or timber sub floors. Engineered flooring is available in the same finishes as the solid wooden floors above.